Our Process

Building Art. Building Community.

Where raw talent meets polished artistry


Handcrafted. Heart-made.

Using a combination of new and reclaimed lumber, we create both modern and classic designs, inspired by texture, backstory, and the world around us.  Our wood art invokes a sense of grounded warmth, while creating an interesting focal point to enrich your space. 

Through the creative process, our pieces inspire their name,  and a collection is born.


More Than Art

We know how important it is that a home be warm and inviting, and what we surround ourselves with can help create an atmosphere that is welcoming and cozy.  Our handcrafted mosaic art will compliment your home by providing an earthy backdrop to your life.  Through your purchase, you are supporting local, small businesses.  We thank you for your contribution in support of our family and the local economy of our artisan community.