Artisan Highlight: Sass and Solder

Cass, one of our favorite people and team member, is the artist behind Sass and Solder.  She makes beautiful and unique stained glass art, and has taken the plunge to launch a business around her passion.

Growing up, Cass remembers wishing she could express herself artistically at the same level as her older sister.  Rather than feeling inferior, it gave her the determination to continue to practice  her skills at drawing.  The real change for her, however, came through her experience in her high school art curriculum.

In 10th grade, Cass felt like the door of art opened through the mentorship of her high school art teacher.  He helped Cass see art as a creative tool to express and process emotions, finding purpose in art as a healing tool.  She learned to let her emotions out and translate that into her work.

Cass started down her art path with the medium of watercolor painting.  She took advantage of all the opportunities at school, experimenting with jewelry making, ceramics, acrylic painting and independent study.  Her entrance into stained glass work started as a Covid Hobby, about a year ago.  It was something she had always wanted to  pursue, but the start-up cost always held her back, as well as a dedicated work space.  Living with the motto that “sometimes you have to make sacrifices to do what you love,” Cass modified her 8×10 bedroom to accommodate her stained glass studio.

Looking back on her beginnings as an artist, there is one piece that stands out to her that became a defining moment of her work and her process.  After an elderly relative of hers was taken advantage of and manipulated into selling drugs, he was arrested, and the news was shocking for her.  In response, and as a way to process the event, Cass painted his mugshot.  It depicted her relative, with hands reaching towards him and text in the background.  And though it was a dark piece, it ended up getting a lot of attention by those who viewed it.  As a result, her piece was displayed at a local coffee shop, which sparked her reputation as a serious artist.

After high school, she had plans to be a vet tech, but the community school she was taking classes with ended up shutting down, resulting in the loss of her credits.  She has also had aspirations to study interior design, but she is taking this time to pursue her other passions and see where they take her.

We have had the great privilege of having Cass on the Bailey Builds Team.  After following along on social media for a couple years, she knew she wanted to do something more fulfilling than her job at the time, and jumped on the opportunity to apply for our internship last summer.  Of course we loved her, and so she joined our team, working with marketing, social media, and store presentation.  Looking to compliment the creative work she was doing with us, she took a job as a logistics manager with another artisan company, Bad Axe Tool Works, which makes custom handcrafted saws.

Ready to turn her love of stained glass into more than just a covid hobby, Cass launched her artisan company “Sass and Solder.”  Her angle with stained glass is to offer pieces of art that move beyond what you traditionally think of, like birds and flowers.  She wants to create pieces that reflect her style and skill, creating designs with a twist, while attracting a new kind of audience to the world of stained glass.

To check out Cass and the work of “Sass and Solder,” visit her instagram account @sassandsolder, which also has a link to her etsy account.  She will also be attending the “Art At The Market” event on September 16th in Duluth.  Cass is also open to custom work and custom colors of her designs, just send her a direct message on her Instagram account.