The Collective

Bailey Builds Collective

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The Purpose Of Our Passion

We love what we do!  We love that we can go to work everyday together and create beautiful things out of recycled wood.  It is definitely a passion that keeps us moving forward, taking risks, and trying new things.  Beyond crafting, we have a drive to see the bigger picture come to life; -the dream that we’ve had for quite some time. Our new building, “The Bailey Builds Collective” is such an exciting new journey for us, because it will give us the opportunity to start building those dreams.

Bailey Builds Collective

A New Journey

Our dream is that we can create a community space where Duluth creatives can come together.  We want this to become a place where local artists can connect, create, collaborate, and showcase their work.  Duluth is a special city, rich in creative entrepreneurs who are working to make a living out of their passions.  We love this about our community, and want to be a part of fostering and supporting the beautiful art that takes place here on the North Shore.

So if you wondered what the rest of this new building will be repurposed for, this is where we’re headed with it.  There is so much work to be done to make it happen, but we are in the dreaming and designing  phase. Please follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see our progress.