Facing Hardship as Ultimate Optimists and Advice For Others

“Finding Fire” podcast recap Part 3

Bailey Builds is a group of people passionate about art and community, inspiring community through art.  We make mosaics out of new and reclaimed wood.  We have a storefront, a website, a blog.  We own a couple buildings, including an Airbnb and an Event space.  Our newest building is the funeral home that we are transforming into the Bailey Builds Collective, housing our workshop, future store, and artist collective. We have more dreams on the horizon.

As Entrepreneurs, we’ve had our share of hurdles.

Hardships can be expected along the way as entrepreneurs.  It’s just not something you can totally escape.  A universal hardship can often be in the category of finance when you’re trying to run a business.  It’s hard to be an entrepreneur, filled with all the ideas you have and want to pursue, but not have the finances to back them up.  There’s so much opportunity out there, but you have to decide which opportunities are right for your business.  You want to pick and choose, making sure you aren’t diluting your business to the point that it doesn’t line up with your vision and goals.  We’ve had to  deal with many decisions on direction and investment along the way.

As ultimate optimists, it’s hard to see dead ends.  We usually can find the gold or silver lining in every hardship.  We’ll hit a wall with construction or a plan that we’re headed towards, and we look for ways to innovate when things aren’t working.  A perfect example is the funeral home purchase.  We saw that the building had a pending sale, and we still felt like we should pursue it.  And we own the funeral home turned Bailey Builds Collective now.

Every roadblock or hardship that comes  is an opportunity to grow and innovate.  I believe that innovation is one of the strengths of our business.  In 2020, during the pandemic, our business grew.  It’s hard sharing that, as so many businesses faced so much hardship.  We were blessed to be able to use our strengths in innovation, which allowed us to grow.  Our ability to innovate is fueled by our faith.  We believe that whatever we do, if we’re doing it with the right intentions, that it will work out.  We’ve always believed this, and we started our marriage with this perspective.  We know that Bailey Builds is not the ultimate for us.  If it fails, we believe another door will open.  We’re always willing to move forward to the next thing.  If we don’t take risks, we lose the opportunity to learn things along the way.

If Nathanael and I had to claim a “Super Power” for each of us, here’s what we came up with:  Nathanael said that mine is my big ideas.  Once he said that, I realized that was definitely true.  I have big ideas for our business, and I’m not afraid to move into them.  I believe Nathanael’s “Super Power” is attention to detail.  I have these  amazing, creative, innovative ideas, and Nathanael takes them and makes them perfect.  We make a great pair, working together in all the stages of production, from concept to final product.

If we could give advice to others who are on the edge of pursuing their passion, the question we would ask you to think about is, “What’s your why?”  If your “why” is on point, that is what your motivation is always going to go back to.  To be honest, if your “why” is about you and what you’re going to gain and what a difference you’re going to make, then it’s probably not going to work out. Maybe I’m wrong, but I know that it wouldn’t work for me.  If my motivation was me, then it would be a travesty.  It would be a disaster.  So, figure out what your “why” is, make sure it’s on point, make sure you’re headed in the right direction, and then trust it with your gut and move forward.  For Nathanael, it’s making sure you have a community of friends and like minded people  that you can rely on and lean on, living out the “one hand forward, one hand back” mentality.

Find someone that you can follow along that’s a little bit ahead of you and has knowledge and experience that you can glean off of.  Likewise, invest in people that are starting off a little behind where you are at.  Having the right motivation and a good community of support are two important elements in a good foundation for your business.

If you’d like to learn more about the flavor of Bailey Builds, take a peak around our website, and visit us on our Bailey Builds Facebook and on instagram @annabaileyart.  If you’d like to listen to our podcast with “Finding Fire” in their episode titled: Faith, Passion and Entrepreneurship With Bailey Builds,” which aired on April 12, 2021, check it out here: