The Gallery

Bailey Builds Gallery

A tiny gallery for your special occasion.

Photo Credit: Max Caven

A natural extension of our storefront

We have expanded our retail space and transformed our original workshop into the Bailey Builds Gallery. The Gallery is a unique space that provides that rustic industrial, vintage ambiance, balanced by fresh botanicals, with a warm, welcoming vibe.


Options are vast

From weddings to business meetings, to an artist’s getaway, the Bailey Builds Gallery can be arranged to suit your personal needs.  We offer this space “air bnb style,” making it a private and self-serve option for your intimate gathering.  The Gallery is a unique and versatile venue, which will expand in size to include our current store location after the store relocates to the Bailey Builds Collective.  Our dreams to turn the roof into an adjoining space with an airy yet cozy, greenhouse-esque feel will be coming in 2022. With our gallery space being adjoined to our Airbnb loft, you can book one venue to cover all your needs.  Contact us at gallery@baileybuilds.com for more information and to secure your date.


What’s Included

  • The Gallery comfortably holds 30-35 people
  • Furnished Rental Space
  • Two Handcrafted Mid-Century Tables
  • Seating for 25 (20 seats between the two tables and 5 additional through the use of couches and chairs.)
  • Small Decor Items
  • 50+ live plants
  • Boho Rugs
  • Small Beverage Refrigerator
  • Large Built-in Shelving Unit
  • Handicap Accessible Bathroom
  • Large full-view garage door
  • And More

Please contact gallery@baileybuilds.com for more information, rates, and bookings.