Gone to the Dogs? We Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way!

When you think of many of the great classic stories of our youth, there is often a common theme weaved throughout the heart of the story.  Much of our most beloved literature has the commonality of the joy, connection, and even sorrow of the character that makes up its essence. 

Stories like White Fang, Where The Red Fern Grows, Lassie, The Call Of The Wild, and Old Yeller.  All of these examples dig deep into the bond that we share with the most beloved companion for young and old alike.

If you’ve been following along with us for any amount of time, then you know where we stand.  Our dogs are a central part of our lives.  We love them!  We do life with them.  We bring them to work.  In a way, they make up part of the essence of our family and business.  They have been a part of the Bailey Builds storyline since its inception.

Bailey Builds started in our garage behind our house six years ago.  I had left my job of several years, embarking into the great unknown of my own business, not knowing how things would unfold and the direction I would ultimately take.  I had the strong conviction to do what I love.  This was my compass, and I took it where it has led me today.  That first summer, as I explored the possibilities of working with recycled and discarded scraps of wood, it was then that the leader of our pack joined the family. 

Oakley, our Aussiedoodle, was this sweet little ball of brown fur, and just what I needed, more than I really knew.  Shop life has always been a part of his life, and he has been with me every step along the way.

There is a comfort that can not  be replicated from the presence of a canine companion.  They love you no matter what, and their greatest joy is to be by your side.  I can still remember working at my first workbench.  With trial and error I stood at my saw, working out my process for creating the wood mosaics we are known for today.  As I put in long days, trying to check all the boxes as a mom of 4, a wife, and an entrepreneur, I can remember the joy that his presence brought to me, as his little muzzle rested on my sneaker, while he cozied up with sawdust and wood scraps.  I can’t help but smile when I think of this.

While our wood shop still graced what is now the gallery and extended store space at Bailey Builds and Friends Store, we added our Newfie Albert, another priceless addition to our family.  His personality makes us laugh, and life wouldn’t be the same without him.  Our pets are like our children.  It’s so fun to watch them grow and interact with each other, while adding to the dynamic of our family and our business.  I am thankful, as an entrepreneur, that I have the luxury of having them come to work with us.

Just recently, as graduation presents for our two oldest children, we decided to grow our family with the addition of the adorable duo,  Rudy and Raulie.  Our boys have both had a longing for dogs of their own, and these little Brittany Spaniels have quickly filled their hearts, and have brought more fun to the workshop and office.   We have officially ushered in a dog culture at Bailey Builds, with their presence playing a special role in our morale and work flow.

As we’ve grown and have been blessed to add people to our team, it’s been really fun to see how that common connection extends to nearly every one of our staff.  It has definitely become part of the Bailey Builds atmosphere, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  On any given day, if you stopped by our office, there might be visiting dogs lounging around, making themselves at home while their people work.  It’s fun to get to know this side of our team as well.

If you follow along, you are already familiar with Oakley and Albert, and now Rudy and Raulie, as they help showcase our latest creations on social media.  This seems a good time to share some of the best friends in the lives of our awesome, hardworking team.  We are so thankful for each staff member we have, and we can’t help but think that maybe our good luck has something to do with this commonality we all share!  Like a classic book, we hope that the bond we share with the fidos in our lives adds beauty to the essence of our life and work.  Have you hugged your dog today?