Holiday Fun and The Bailey Builds Workshop

The Holiday season of 2021 has proven to be a wonderful and magical end cap to an extraordinary year!  We have had so much fun entering into the joy and spirit of Christmas with our Bailey Builds Small Business Saturday event, as well as joining the Duluth Winter Village at the DECC last weekend.  Today we are so excited to be hosting our Storefront at the Bailey Builds Workshop in the Collective.

There is something magical and captivating about the inherent creativity in the air of a workshop.  You can sense the potential and endless possibilities of what has and will become in a space filled with tools and material just waiting to unite into a beautiful unfolding of something unique and special.  That’s how we feel about our workshop!  It’s a space that I get the privilege of coming to, where I can immerse myself in raw potential and see where it takes me.  The ride has been epic and serendipitous.

The magic of what takes place in a workshop has always been a mesmerizing and exciting ideal.  Think of the most famous workshop we grew up dreaming about as little children, no other than St. Nicks!  The idea of happy, busy elves humming to the tune of their favorite carol, while hand crafting the perfect doll or train, is a nearly universal childhood experience.  I may not have elves in my workshop, but I have the most amazing team one could ask for this side of the North Pole!

It has been amazing the journey our workshop has taken.  What started in my backyard garage 6 years ago as a crafter of one, has become a full on team of people crafting, designing, marketing, and shipping.  And better than elves, we have four awesome shop dogs that playfully set the tone while we work.  I get to go to work in my favorite work bibs and cozy flannel, with my favorite guy, and a hardworking team!  I couldn’t ask for anything better!

Tom Rafalovich for Duluth Trading Company

One thing I miss at times, is our old workshop that is now the Gallery and extension of our storefront space.  Besides the space having an awesome, rustic industrial vibe, it allowed a direct connection to our storefront.  Many of you may remember shopping in our store and being able to peer through the door into the workshop, seeing us busily crafting.  In the very beginning, we even stored some of our finished pieces there.  Though not ideal, it invited shoppers into our space to pick out that perfect piece for their home.  There is something invigorating about being in the midst of it all, where you can feel the creative energy of the process.

Today we give you that opportunity to be in the midst of the process by shopping in our workshop space at the Bailey Builds Collective.  For this one special day, we will have our artwork, along with our best selling items from our storefront there for all of your holiday shopping.  With all of our Bailey Builds style holiday cheer, you will be able to meander through the place where all the magic happens, into the fruition of that special piece you are choosing to invite into your home.

Thank you for all the ways you have supported our small local business!  We have truly been blown away by the response we have received this holiday season.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day at our Bailey Builds Small Business Saturday event two weekends ago.  It was a wonderful kick off to the joy of this season, as our community came together to support many local artisans that joined us.  And yet again, we felt the warmth and support of our great city at the Duluth Winter Village last weekend.  Whether sunshine or blizzard, the overwhelming response went straight to my heart, and I am so grateful for being a part of such an amazing community of artisan and makers, in a city that supports the arts.
While you are out and about today, we hope you will stop in at our workshop, just a couple blocks from our storefront Bailey Builds and friends, which will be closed today for a scheduled event.  Our Bailey Builds Collective and Workshop is located at 601 N. 56th Ave. West.  Happy Holidays!