Join Us For Our Grand Reopening!

Sometimes life gives you lemons.  -Isn’t that the saying?  Well, it’s what you do with those lemons that determine the outcome of your situation.  We’ve been handed our share of lemons with the remodel of our Collective Space, but we’re not going to get too sour about it!

We have loved keeping you updated on our crazy adventures with the Funeral home turned Bailey Builds Workshop, and soon to be new storefront and artist space, also known as the Bailey Builds Collective.  What a wild ride with all our crazy funeral home finds and quirky building elements.  Our business has always embraced the practice of taking something old and discarded, and turning it into something new!  We love to repurpose things, whether wood or buildings, it’s what we do!

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that we are go-getters and visionaries.  We are risk takers and we enjoy where the adventure takes us.  We see  obstacles as an invitation to innovate and discover new routes to get to our destination.  We’ve discovered that sometimes constraints or limited resources bring out a new level of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.  We are entrepreneurs, and we don’t throw in the towel.

Our Bailey Builds Collective is at a bit of a halt at the moment.  While our goal was to get our new store space up and running by June, and then mid summer was our aim, we have some obstacles beyond our control that are stretching out the timeline.  If you’ve ever been involved in building or remodeling, you’ve probably faced similar challenges.  Despite our best efforts, we can not control the permit process and the endless hoops placed before us to jump through.  While it’s frustrating, we’re choosing to take those sour lemons and make some grand lemonade!

Our current store space has served us well, and we love the vibe of our current building.  During this waiting period, we’ve decided to change things up to bring you the best that we can offer, and we’re so excited to share it with you!  Our once woodshop turned gallery space will now house the expansion of our store space.  As we prepared for a seamless transition to The Collective, we have invested in some amazing products for the store.  Instead of staring at boxes of hand picked, hand crafted goods, we are making them available to you now.

We are really blessed to have a seasoned designer of store spaces on our team.  Our team member Matt put his creative expertise to work to design a beautiful, well flowing store expansion that draws you in with its earthy charm, and wide variety of artisan goods.  We’ve expanded our store selection to include more of everything, as well as the addition of textiles, leatherwork, and more.

As you enter the expanded space through the opened french doors off the storefront, you are greeted with 1 ½ story ceilings and fresh sunlight filtering in through the large windows and glass garage door.  It would be easy to revamp an entire space with all the new merchandise.  We have beautiful pottery from several artisans, olive wood kitchenware, and intriguing tea pots.  We have textiles that include hand printed tea towels, soft throws, textured pillows, and woven bags.  We also have hand made leather bags, purses, and dog leashes.  Along with our beautiful selection of handcrafted jewelry, we have many prints available by local artists, and an expansion of Bailey Builds collections.  

We love how things turned out and we can’t wait for you to visit this new space!  In fact, we are so excited that we are throwing a Grand Reopening party on Saturday, June 26, from 10-5. Come and enjoy the new space, as well as the addition of other local vendors.  We have some more exciting things in store, so stay tuned through our social media as more information gets revealed.

Though our plans have changed, we can see the blessings in the delayed timing.  We have so much on our plate for the summer with the addition of the amazing invitation to be a part of the Minnesota State Fair, as well as other festivals this summer.  With all the extra work involved to prepare for these events, expanding our current retail space makes a whole lot of sense!  Join us in celebrating!  We can’t wait to see you there!