Last Minute Shopping Ideas At Bailey Builds

I feel like the older I get, the faster time flies.  It’s hard to believe that we are just one week away from Christmas Day!  It feels like yesterday when we were setting up and running our first ever studio at the Minnesota State Fair.  It was just a second ago that we celebrated the coming holiday with our Small Business Saturday event and Duluth Winter Village. 

And now, here we are!

The trouble with time flying by is that it’s easy to find yourself behind.  You realize that your list of last minute gifts that need to be purchased is, well, larger than you expected.  

If you find yourself in that spot, I totally get it!  I’m also relieved that I can find a thoughtful gift for just about everyone on my list at our Bailey Builds and Friends Store!

I thought it might be helpful to take you on a field trip through Bailey Builds and Friends, to give you some great gift ideas for even the hardest to shop for on your list.  If you live locally, our awesome team would love to help you in person!

Sometimes we might feel overwhelmed by how many gifts we need to purchase for our friends and family.  We know what that’s like, so we’ve created a table of gift ideas that are all under $30, and there is something for everyone.  We have locally made, hand-poured candles in an array of aromas to please anyone’s senses.  We also have pint glasses and really fun drink kits of all kinds that are a great treat for the tastebuds.  Speaking of tasty, have you tried MN Marshmallows decadent mallow squares yet?  We have several of her signature flavors to choose from.  We also have mugs, wooden kitchenware, soaps, jewelry, and so much more in this price category.

You might think that surely there’s nothing for those teenagers in your life that could be found in an artisan store.  Actually, my friend recently brought her teens there to scope out what they loved at the shop.  Her son’s top picks were the great pairing of locally made Mike and Jen’s Hot Cocoa, with a bag of Minnesota Marshmallows.  He also loved the handcrafted leather journals and the beautifully thrown coffee mugs, such as that of Burdock Ceramics.  Her daughter loved the homemade soaps, fun bandanas, and the plethora of amazing jewelry.  They both love stickers!  They look for new ones everywhere they go, and Bailey Builds has a lot to choose from.  To inspire fun conversation for the whole family, my friend picked up a pack of fun question cards that we carry called “Chat Pack,” which are a great way to make dinner time more engaging.

Do you have a friend or relative who loves all things wood?  Of course we have so many Bailey Builds designs to choose from, with many different size options in each collection.  We also have a good selection of olive wood items, from beautiful cake knives, to cutting boards that are both beautiful and functional. And to accent, we have Bailey Builds coasters and the whimsically carved trees of Steve Martindale.

For those friends who love all things cozy, I like to pair one of our artisan mugs with some Mike and Jens Cocoa or Well Rooted teas that we carry.  Another great gift in this category is beautifully handmade hats and mittens from WormeWoole, a local Duluth artisan.  My hands have never felt something so soft and cozy!  Those friends who also love to create that cozy atmosphere in their homes will appreciate our beautiful throws, pillows, and textile bags and baskets we have to choose from.

What about that dog loving friend?  Get her something she will love while spending time with her favorite fido.  We have beautifully handcrafted leather dog leashes that are sure to make her smile.  Pair it with one of our fun, hand screened bandanas and she and her pal will be ready to take on the town.  Speaking of leather, did you know that we carry a selection of handcrafted leather purses?

What about those family members who love to stay busy?  Our Bailey Buildables Kits make the perfect gift, with several options to choose from.  These make great gifts for crafters of all ages.  We also have five different Bailey Builds Puzzles to choose from, for another way to create art.

Another great gift idea is to create a pamper pack for that friend who loves self-care items.  We have a wall full of options, such as aromatherapy neck wraps, bath bombs, soaps, deodorants, lip balms, and more.  Pair them with one of our locally made tea towels, or loose leaf tea, artisan mug, and candle.  You can really have fun with this gift idea.

For that friend who loves history and all things Duluth, we have a special gift idea that you won’t find anywhere else.  We have created beautiful wood maps of our great city, made in part with wood from the oldest homestead in Duluth, MN.  These make a beautiful conversation piece, and come in a few sizes.  We have also created a city map within the shape of Lake Superior.

We love all of our local artists represented at Bailey Builds, and we think one of the prints we carry would make an amazing gift this holiday season.  We have several styles to choose from, and they all are truly inspiring.  From earthy to whimsical, you should definitely take the time to peruse them.

I don’t know about you, but I feel inspired and ready to take on the last few gifts on my list!  We would love to personally help you get your last minute shopping done as well!

We will be open today from 10am-5pm, as well as Tuesday-Thursday, from 10am-5pm.  We will be closed for the holidays, as well as a winter break, and will reopen on January 13, 2022.  Come see us before the new year!