Day three of our laundry room renovation started with some Pizza and a Pep talk!  Our first job was to rip out the panelling on the walls we are keeping. We also needed to fill in a section of the keeper wall where a door once was.  Our son Sam does a fantastic job with building, so we put him in charge of closing in the old door opening.  

Nathanael and I are not always major planners.  We don’t have the design completely worked out before-hand.  -That’s not how we roll. Instead, we kinda just figure it out as we go along.  This works for us most of the time! Sometimes… we need to pause to figure out important components.  This was the situation on day 3. We realized that I needed to commit to a laundry sink in order to know what our wall dimensions should be.  -Wayfair to the rescue! Thank goodness for online shopping during our Stay at Home order! As we continued to figure out our dimensions, we realized our doggy washing station would need to be relocated to a different spot.  -Good thing we enjoy the challenge of meeting obstacles as they come. We got this!

And of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without Albert going a-wall!  Twice!! Newfies have both brawn and beauty! It’s not that we didn’t leash him… -He literally pulled the corkscrew tie-out stake right out of the ground!  Another “chase Albert game” on our hands! This time Lia’s friend who lives across the street came to the rescue! What a turkey! Good thing he’s just so darn sweet!

Our overall progress was slower today.  -But I would have to say, the best part of the day was the dancing!  My family cracks me up! We all get inspired by music and our bodies just have to follow suit!  -You’d have to be there…. Wait! You can! Check out the real deal on our Vlog on Youtube, and you can also enjoy the treat of Nathanael’s famous puns!