Demo Day started by rallying the troop!  No school and no distance learning set in place meant that we needed to keep our kids motivated!  -So up off the couch! Put the video game controller down! It’s demo Day! … The MAGIC WORD was DEMO!  Knowing we were gonna “break stuff” was a great motivator!

We “passed the torch” to our kids, and let them tear down the walls of our current laundry room to create a more spacious area for our efficient work stations… which caused a real spark!!  (You’ll have to watch our vlog to know what I’m talking about!).  

Our Laundry Renovation also gives us the opportunity to tackle some other projects in its path, like huge holes already in walls that, of course, we are Not tearing down… ironically made by the demo crew!  

Our house is a late 70’s split level style home.  One way we chose to create a more open feel, was to tear down the wall that separated the staircase.  As the kids broke down that wall, I knew I was going to love it! Lia thought it would look even better if we added a slide to the stairs… um, we’ll see!

And the day wouldn’t be complete without our master escape artist giving the boys a run for their money!  Albert, Albert, Albert!!! He has gotten into the bad habit of finding a way out when no one’s looking! Don’t be fooled by his docile demeanor… he can be a dickens!

The kids were real troopers!  Make sure to check out the Demo Day Vlog on YouTube!