Day 4 on our Laundry Room Renovation started with a team task meeting!  The girl team, my daughter Lia and I, planned to hone in on some of the design elements for the space.  The boys’ job was to continue to work on the structural elements of the walls that still needed to be completed.  It was also important to me to get outside! Fresh air was calling me!

We put our youngest son Sam in charge of framing up the closet.  He has got the wall building thing down! Besides their other job duties, our son’s Isaac and Lincoln had to go on yet another dog chase after our mischievous giant Albert!

Our daughter Lia and I spent some time designing our dual purpose space for cleaning both dogs and bikes!  Our kids are big into mountain biking. We wanted a space that could accommodate the maintenance of our bikes as well.  In our design decisions, we want to create a space that can be both modern and striking, yet be suitable for dirty messes, but clean up well afterwards.  -We are up for the challenge!

As Sam and Nathanael worked to cut drywall for the closed in door space, Nathanael played a gory prank on the camera!  You’ll have to see it for yourself on our Vlog on YouTube! It made my stomach turn!!

And, as I promised myself, we ended our day with a nice walk!  Progress is being made! I can’t wait to see it starting to come to life!  Check out the adventure on our YouTube channel, with bonus material of Isaac singing a song dedicated to the school lunch ladies!