Nothing like a little wall ping-pong to get us jazzed up for day two of our laundry room renovation!  The room off of our laundry area is our workout room, which will also be part of the overall revamp in our lower level.  All cleared out, it makes for a mean ping-pong competition, not to mention skateboard riding, dance room!  

But now it’s down to the nitty gritty!  We love popcorn!! …BUT, not on our ceiling!  The popcorn texture has got to go! This is a messy job, perfect for our awesome mess makers!  -And messy it was, not to mention super slippery! Watering down the ceiling truly worked like a charm!  Give it a good soak, let it sit a moment, and it scrapes right off with a putty knife! -Who knew that would work so slick!  Turns out that Albert also loved the process, especially when he got a shot of the water sprayer! Our big Al loves water!

A messy job meant a messy floor that took some time to clean up!  But our troop was on it! -Good job kids!