Day five of our laundry room renovation started with another family plan meeting, graced (or cursed!) with some complementary gaseous expressions from Lincoln.  Our faithful shop dogs and family members, Oakley and Albert, were present as well, of course! Albert is our lazy, laid back fellow, and Oakley is our crazy and athletic guy.  -They fit their breeds to a T, as Albert is our big Newfie, and Oakley is our Aussiedoodle, which is a cross between the Australian Shepherd and Standard Poodle.  

Our plan of attack for day five was to have Isaac continue to cut the holes in the ceiling for our lights, and have the rest of the gang run some electrical, hang some sheetrock, and do some mudding and taping.  While Lincoln and Sam filled in the seams and nails with mud on the door we walled in, Lia learned to rock the rasp! I’m so proud of how our kids are learning to use these tools with skill! They are truly awesome!

We had a hole to patch up at the top of our staircase, entering our living room.  But before we did, our sweet Lia decided to write a letter to whomever may open up the wall someday in the future.  She gave a little synopsis of the times we are living in, with the quarantine due to Covid-19 and other things. You’ll have to check out her note on our Youtube channel!

We ended the work day by heading out for a family hike on our neighborhood trail, where Oakley and Albert could take a frosty swim in the creek.  They had so much fun! …And Isaac and Nathanael shared some classic, corny puns over a Minnesota Twins puzzle! …had to be there! -Which you can by heading to the Bailey Builds vlog on Youtube!