Meet The Jericho Collection

“….It’s about perseverance.  It’s about the journey.  It’s about being faithful when no one is watching, and being faithful when everyone is watching.”

Our new Jericho Collection came about in the moment.  I had been thinking about how to morph the modern mosaics into the bluffs.  I have also been enjoying that people are liking the phases of the moon in our modern pieces.  -So, I set out to incorporate the phases of the moon and the modern bluffs.   I wasn’t completely thrilled with my first prototypes.  I loved the modern feel of it, with the addition of the moons.  I loved the combination, but it wasn’t exactly where I wanted it to be.  It wasn’t until Nathanael tried a new technique on them, by spraying on the ombre technique with wood stain.  Once we had the moons on and sprayed the ombre, it literally popped off the page and came to life.  It felt really unique and different from anything else.

We knew there was something special about this collection, and so we wanted to take good thought into what we should name it.  The overall response we were getting about it from our team was that it invoked feeling, and we wanted the name to resonate with that. So as I was doing some searching online, I found the name “Jericho,” which is the name of an old city in Israel, and is Hebrew for “city of the moons.”  We knew immediately that this was the name!

We love when our work comes together in such an effortless way; where our team works together in this really organic way that is not forced, and we knew that this was happening with this collection.  It was evolving into this deeper meaning, and we wanted to give it time to really reveal itself.  We originally planned on launching “Jericho” earlier to our email subscribers, but we decided we wanted to give it more time to simmer a little bit, because of the depth of meaning that it holds.  When we’re making collections, we always try to come up with a description to go with it.  And when I first posted it on instagram, the description came to me so quickly.  When this happens for me, I just know that I am on to something.  Nothing about this collection has felt forced.  Everything has felt natural and organic.

One of the first things that I thought of when I looked at these new pieces was perseverance.  A lot of people right now, including ourselves, have had to face perseverance this year.  -With COVID, with social injustice, and with other personal struggles.  Whether we want to or not, we have to push ourselves to keep going.

Another theme in these pieces that resonates even more clearly with us is the concept of the journey.  Even with this collection, it has been a journey to get where we are with it now.  It’s also about the journey of our lives, learning along the way.  -And it’s not necessarily always about the destination.  It’s about being faithful when no one is watching, and when everyone is watching.

There is something to be said about being consistent and faithful and authentic to who you are and your beliefs when no one is watching; but also when you’re being faithful when everyone is watching.  And I’ve even asked the question of which is harder: when no one is watching or when everyone is watching?  I thought about it in reference to this journey we’ve had with our business.  I have had such a heart for the artist community, even before I was an artist.  When I was home with the kids 12 years ago, I wanted to do something tangible for the arts community, and to be invested in them.  Now, when “everyone” is watching, I’m thankful that I’m still invested in this vision.

This collection really holds something dear to our hearts, and to our whole team.  We’ve never had a meeting with our entire team where there was this unanimous connection with the art.  The Jericho Collection really brought us together in this way.  We didn’t have to say anything about the artwork, and yet it moved everyone in a personal way… and that is the beauty of art.  

With our Jericho Collection, we are trying something we’ve never done before.  We are giving everyone the opportunity to preorder a piece.  So often, with our launches, our collections sell out before everyone who wants has the opportunity to purchase one.  With wanting to share the message and the art behind this collection, we want everyone to have the chance to get a piece.  So we are trying out the preorder model, keeping it  open for two weeks.  We want to give you the opportunity to see the pieces in our social pages, and have the time to decide which would be best for your space.

Another new and fun thing we’re adding to this collection launch is some accessories that are actually free with our preorder purchases.  The larger pieces will include a trucker hat with our in-house designed Jericho patch across the front of it.  The smaller piece will include a Jericho patch that has self-adhesive.  If this collection really speaks to you, you’ll be able to enjoy it’s meaning beyond your wall art.  These will be included in the same shipment as your Jericho piece.

Our hope is that the message behind the Jericho Collection will encourage you and inspire you to press on and be faithful and persevere on your journey.  We hope you come along as we continue to share our heart behind Jericho.  Presales launch Thursday April 8, at 7 pm.  Once this collection sells out, these styles may not be available again.