Monumental Build, Mighty Team: Reflections on Preparing for the Minnesota State Fair

It was Thursday night after one day down, and a week of nearly round the clock preparation for our debut at the Minnesota State Fair.  Nathanael and I, sunburned and exhausted, retreated to my parents couch in the cities.   Trying to keep our eyes open for a few more moments to reflect on this crazy week, we sat amazed at the monumental task we accomplished with our dedicated team.

This year is The snippets on social media don’t come close to representing the exorbitant amount of work it took to get ready for this event.  The spunky reels and playful clips on instagram showcase the genuine camaraderie we have formed with our team.  Yet, they can not begin to tell the story of the long hours of building, problem solving, and  working together to accomplish a goal that was our largest build in the least amount of time.

Many have wondered why we would put so much time and effort into creating a fair booth of its caliber.  It definitely would have been easier to assemble a tent.  Yet, most of you who have been following along on our journey know that the Bailey way of doing things is “all in.”  Presentation is an integral part of any successful product.  Think of our Bailey Builds Studio on location as a beautifully articulated  box, intriguing the beholder to  explore what’s inside.  We believe in the craftsmanship and artistic detail in our art, and we wanted our space to reflect and support our passion and attention to detail, as a backdrop to the art that we daily pour our efforts into creating.

The kind of effort needed to pull this build off in a matter of four days could never have been accomplished without our extraordinary team.  They have poured in their energy and creativity, as well as many extended hours, because they believe in the vision of Bailey Builds.  Our gratitude for them is beyond measure.  We know that we have been blessed to have such dedicated and hard working team members.  We have also been blessed to have our family pull together till the starlight hours to wrap things up.  Our kids have been there to hammer down the last stray nail, and assemble the doorknobs and locks on the beautiful french doors that  will draw you in upon your arrival.  Even Nathanael’s father was there, lending his expertise as a retired contractor.

What has transpired is a space that reflects our value of putting our best feet forward, while showcasing the work that has become our livelihood.  When you enter the Bailey Builds Minnesota State Fair Art Studio, you will be greeted by our awesome team members, and be enveloped in the visual experience of our signature mosaics, both classic and modern, in all shapes and sizes.  We have created a cozy, yet clean lined focal space with our double sided fireplace display.  Both sides give you a great example of displaying our wood mosaic art in your home or business.  We also have a station dedicated to our very popular Bailey Buildables.  There are a plethora of designs and sizes available to purchase and take with you, with our larger pieces to be purchased as made to orders.  You get the satisfaction of picking out your statement piece, with the convenience of having it shipped to your doorstep, all with a special State Fair discount.

We would also like to thank you for supporting our small business.  Without you, we wouldn’t be able to support our family by doing what we love to do!  We can’t wait to meet you at the Great Minnesota Get Together!  Rain or shine, we’ll be here!  Our location is  on the South side of Judson Avenue between Liggett and Clough streets, outside the Warner Coliseum.  For the latest news, check out our stories and feed on Instagram, where you can see a lot of the action and behind the scenes caught on tape.  

See you at the fair!