ORC: One Room Challenge Week Three

Week three of the One Room Challenge was a continuation of structural modifications and design planning.   With our ceilings “popcorn free,” it was time to make accommodations for new lighting.  This involved cutting holes in the ceiling and running some electrical wires, in preparation for the fixtures to come.  We also continued our work of hanging sheetrock, mudding and taping.  With all that is involved in the completion of sheetrocking, it gave our crew of kids a lot of chances to hone in on their new skills.

Besides the electrical work we accomplished, we also took this time to work on the laundry room ductwork.  We also needed to move a pipe to a new location, to accommodate the plumbing for our washing machine, sink, and dog washing station.  To continue the work of the dog washing station, we installed cement board in that space, prepping it for tile.

Our design focus continued the work of keeping the staircase open.  We love the open look, so we continued to open it up, while making sure we had the necessary support in place.  In order to ensure substantial structural support, we decided to create a kennel area under the staircase landing.  Besides the structural advantage, it will also give our dogs a cozy spot to rest, that is out of the way.

 We are excited that our work this week is getting us closer to tackling the fun parts of renovation, as we continue to visualize and plan this new, multi-faceted space.  Make sure to check our process out on our vlog on Youtube.

If you’d like a better view of our project, check out our vlog on Youtube!