Easy Does It: Reclaimed Wood Mosaic

Easy Does It: Reclaimed Wood Mosaic


Meet “Easy Does It” approx 20 inches by 6ft. 


This piece was designed and handcrafted by Anna and Nathanael Bailey.  It is one of our most popular and favorite pieces of all time, and is made out of reclaimed lumber from Duluth, MN.  

Each piece is made to order, and will vary slightly from the picture.  You can order this design in two different sizes. 

Pictured:  Approx 24x48 inches $460

Second size option:  Approx 6ft by 20 inches . $650

Processing Time is 4 weeks. 

Please note: Sometimes wood has a mind of it's own that we cannot control.  It may warp, crack or discolor.  Even though we have had excellent results, we cannot guarantee that our product won't change over time.

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