"View From Rock Knob, Hartley Park" Print - Tin Cup Designs

"View From Rock Knob, Hartley Park" Print - Tin Cup Designs


Jordan (Tin Cup Design) is an illustrator and designer who lives with her family in Duluth, Minnesota. She loves getting to create art for folks that are using their power to participate in the greatest goods–kindness, love, generosity, serving others over self. She is all about these things too, and aims for her art to make these messages bloom.


From the top of a particular giant, bald rock in a particular forested park, one can see overlapping hill on overlapping hill, layered over the span of Lake Superior. The birches and shrubs and pines fill the landscape with lavenders, creams, greens, golds and a beautiful rusty-red-violet. It's such a lovely place to get to be.

The park is Hartley–an old favorite in Duluth, Minnesota. And this spot is called Rock Knob. This is the view.

This print is illustrated and printed on 100# Lynx cover, white paper. It is 11x14 and bleeds to all edges.