Shopdog Talk: Tile all gone, doggone it!

Tile all gone, doggone it!

What’s a fido gotta do to get some tile around here??!!  While all the ruckus is going on around me with walls being busted down and remodeling in the works, I’m just trying to mind my own business and find a cool spot to take a nap, after making my rounds checking on staff morale. But wouldn’t you know it, every time I find that perfect cool spot on the tile… it’s missing!

So I make my rounds and I find another cool spot of tile.  -And next time I turn around… it’s missing! It finally came down to one lonely spot of tile, still large enough to let me lounge out a bit. But I could see the look in my determined people’s eyes… It wasn’t going to be for long! And doggone it, wouldn’t you know, despite the look on my big, puppy dog face, I returned that final day to find… You guessed it… No tile! I know my people have great plans and all!  But I’m just saying, as the furry companion keeping things real, and slightly drooled on, we got to make sure we secure a nice, cool spot for the beloved shop dogs around here!… I’ve got to admit, however,  the cool cement corners aren’t so bad either. We’re all making changes, shop dogs included!  Bow-wow-wow! -What to do but hunker down with a bone and wait to see what happens next!

If you want to get a grand tour of the demolition at our new Building, you can get personally escorted by my rap lovin’ dog bro Oakley, and his dog-cam.  Just click the link!