Simple Tips For Your Home Refresh

Let the Spring Cleaning Commence

The invigorating air of Spring is upon us, and that always invokes the urge to purge!  This is a great time of year to freshen up your home, and make it feel new again.  We have simple ideas to change things up, and make you fall in love with your space once again.


Sometimes it’s hard to know where to even start! It can be a daunting task, looking around in your home and wondering which room to have at it! A good tip is to take a look around you, and see if there are items that need to be put away in their spaces. Maybe you also have some outdated things displayed in your focal points that need to be put away for the season. If you still have Old Saint Nick sitting on the mantle, it’s time for him to head to the North Pole for a few months!

Also, look for areas that become cluttered due to busyness. I can’t tell you how many spots I find a stack of junk mail, mismatched socks, or change from my pocket. If you have kids, make it a team effort! I know that sometimes it’s just easier to do it ourselves, but make a game or incentive out of it! A trip out for ice cream, after a job well done can be just the bonus your people we’ll work hard for! And let’s be real, a little incentive for ourselves does wonders! After all, clearing the clutter makes room for the new!

If any of you are like me, I tend to freeze at the sight of the job ahead of me. I have found there are a couple ways to go about it. Either, you take it room by room and complete all the steps, or you go through your entire space and complete a single step at a time. The latter may work better for those of us without young kids. Perhaps, the accomplishment of a single room will spur us on to continue. I think it’s a personal take on what works best and is most fulfilling for you! I tend to change things up based on my mood that day, or the severity of the mess that I find myself in! One thing I’ve learned the long way, is that if I don’t get down to the root of the organization problems, any tidying up I do doesn’t last very long. If you find you have spaces like this, such as your entryway, maybe it’s time to reconsider your storage needs.

The Fun Part: Refresh!

Now that you’ve finished the hard stuff, sit back and relax with your favorite latte and reimagine your space a little! I’m not talking about big, expensive changes. I’m talking about the little things that make you smile. With all that clean surface area, cleared and tidy, take note of the spots in your space that your eyes are drawn to. These are the areas to add a splash of something new.  

Something that I have realized brings me joy throughout the day is fresh flowers. Every time I pass by and see that beautiful splash of color, I smile and take a deep breath, at least on the inside. So every couple weeks, I set aside a few bucks to buy a cheap bouquet when I’m out running errands. I keep a few sprigs on the dining room table, as well as in my bedroom. Whether I’m running around getting dinner ready, or settling in for the night, I am personally refreshed by their presence in my space.

Deep Clean:

Once you get the decluttering out of the way, the next step is a good cleaning! Though not always the most fun task, it most always proves to be rewarding. I like to start with the areas that make the biggest impact! A big one for me, is the windows! It doesn’t take long for those picture windows facing the road to be slobbered up by my excited pups, keeping track of the neighborhood. I never realize how filthy they really are, until they are sparkling clear! This one thing changes my outlook on that space so much. Another area of great impact is the flooring and upholstery! I recently purchased one of those small upholstery and area rug cleaners. After three years with our couch, my family of kids and pets have taken quite a toll on it. I cannot tell you how equally amazed and horrified I was at the chocolate milk like water that seemed to endlessly release from the fabric! I feel like I have a brand new couch! This is a sure way to fall in love with your space all over again!

Another simple yet effective way to change things up is by replacing your old pillows and throws with new ones.  Playing with new colors, textures, and patterns can make a profound impact on making your space feel new and fresh. And speaking of texture, mingling different textures together is a great way to add interest to your space. A simple, thought out arrangement for your table is a perfect example. I love the way the soft and colorful, multi-textured flowers come together with the clean lines of a vase, while being grounded by another contrasting yet complementary texture of a table runner or earthy trivet.

I hope these tips or reminders give way to some inspiration for changing things up in your space!  We have a lot of great Bailey Builds items in our shop and online to liven things up.  Our freestanding minis from our “Modern Mosaic” collection are a great compliment to counters, shelving, mantels, desks, etc.  We also have created coasters and planter boxes that add texture and interest.  Stop by our storefront, Bailey Builds and Friends, or shop online.  Here’s to a happy home refresh!