“The Modern Mosaic” Collection

It’s safe to stay in the habit of doing what works, and what you know people like.  I enjoy creating the classic mosaics and bluffs that have become the bread and butter of our business.  Along the way, I have played with color combinations, and different shapes and sizes to add interest and intrigue, and I have loved where this artistic journey has taken me.  Yet, the visionary aspect of who I am always has a need to push the envelope further.  While many of my ideas are still taking form in my mind, my latest project has been a work of exploration and pushing my inner boundaries.  Enter: “The Modern Mosaic” Collection.

I knew for a while that I wanted to play with creating a more layered visual experience.  I wanted to create a collection that intrigued the eyes on a different level, playing with texture in a more monochromatic scale.  I wanted the interest to lie in the shapes and lines, and their relationship to one another, rather than how the colors compliment each other as a focus.  I wanted the design to draw the eye in, in an almost maze-like fashion.

This new concept meant coming up with a whole new way of approaching the wood.  Building the “Modern Mosaic” Collection would take new strategies and use different methods to create the precise lines and spacing that would give this collection its understated elegance.  In our traditional collections, part of the charming characteristics are the presence of uneven edges and raw textures that come with a more rustic art piece.  The “Modern Mosaic” Collection would seek the opposite, instead thriving on smooth and articulate lines and spacing to create the clean, modern vibe.

The “Modern Mosaic” Collection is much more time intensive than our classic mosaics and bluffs.  Unlike our classics, whose strips of wood come together like puzzle pieces, the “Modern Mosaic” pieces are precisely placed to create a stunning dual textured piece that finds it’s beauty partly in the order of it all.  To get the spacing just right, many of the pieces require several steady and patient hands on deck.  It has definitely given our woodshop team a great opportunity to work together as a single unit.  Every detail has to be closely monitored to ensure that each strip of wood maintains perfectly smooth edges, and each layer of stain provides the clean and saturated finish we are striving for. 

This collection has been a growth experience for me as an artist.  It felt intimidating at first, and I tried to talk myself out of it, because it felt overwhelming to transfer the ideas from my head into wood form.  Once I allowed myself to let go of the planning and be “in the moment,” that’s when the creative process could truly flow.  What transpired were clean lines, with a fresh look.  The finished product has truly brought joy to me, as an artist.  I love this addition to our Bailey Builds lineup.  I think it fills a needed space for those looking for something different.  I’m excited to see how this collection unfolds in new ways, and how I will continue to play with shapes and color to diversify this collection.  I’m thrilled to introduce this new labor of love and creativity!

Meet the “Modern Mosaic” Collection: Bold, yet beautifully understated, with straight lines and spherical accents, “The Modern Mosaic Collection” brings a whole new flavor to our Bailey Builds Mosaic Art.  We are excited to bring a progressive approach, with raised patterns that beg your eyes to stay awhile.  “The Modern Mosaic Collection” will add dimension and interest to any space.