The MotorTrend Wagoneer Project

We are so excited to be a part of celebrating and promoting the new and upcoming Wagoneer with MotorTrend.  This opportunity has completely amazed us, and we are so excited to be heading to California next week to be a part of the festivities.  We  thought we’d take a moment to tell you about the event and our participation, and answer some of the questions that you all have had.

One of the most asked questions is whether we get a new Wagoneer out of the deal.  Unfortunately, that will not be the case.  I will, however, get to test drive and experience the vehicle first hand.  And from what I’ve seen, it is so sweet!  We will be part of representing MotorTrend and Wagoneer for four days at the most prestigious car show in the world, and we feel so honored.

Let me rewind a bit, and tell you how this all transpired: The night we were driving into the Ann Arbor Art Fair, I was checking my email and found that the head of marketing at MotorTrend had sent a message to our info@baileybuilds email.  At first I was thinking it was most likely spam, but I opened it anyway.  I was so excited at the possibilities of working with them that I could hardly sleep that night.  We set up a Skype meeting with them the day after the Ann Arbor Art Fair, while tearing down our booth.

It’s so funny how they found out about us.  It turns out that one of the employees at MotorTrend has a friend named Anna Bailey.  She was wondering if her friend had started a wood art business when she came across our instagram page.  As she was perusing our content, she fell in love with what she saw and connected with her team at MotorTrend to consider us for their upcoming promotional event for the Wagoneer.  She reached out to ask if we were interested, we said YES, and signed some papers to move forward.

A week later, I designed a mock up for them of the piece that I would create for their event.  I used a collection of pictures of the new Wagoneer, as well as inspiration from the original for my design.  The design incorporates both traditional and modern elements, with original aspects of the front grill, and their signature honeycomb shaping.  The slatted design also depicts the history of the front end of the Wagoneer.  At their request, we inlaid a piece of American Walnut, to represent the trimming wood they use in both the original and new models.  The rising spherical element on the bottom celebrates the fact that, after 30 years, the Wagoneer is making another debut into the market.

Once the design was completed, we replicated it on our laser, and built a demo piece for MotorTrend and Jeep to approve.  They loved it!  So we made 125 pieces for their premiere event.  At that point, our involvement was solely making art for them, but opportunities continued to arise.  We were offered the opportunity to take part in the 2021 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and will be flying out as guests of MotorTrend and Wagoneer.  Along with the Wagoneer specific events, we were invited to be guests at another party put on by MotorTrend for Alfa Romeo, a luxury car company, at a local winery.

The signature Wagoneer pieces we designed will be a part of a fireside chat that MotorTrend is putting on about the new Wagoneer, with a panel discussion.  I was asked to be a part of the panel to represent the average consumer, to express my take on their reinvented flagship model, as an everyday mom and entrepreneur who experienced the Wagoneer first hand.  The 125 guests that are invited to this event will be leaving with one of our designed pieces as their take-home gift.

I can’t help but talk about how awesome this new Wagoneer is!  It is the long awaited comeback by so many!  They tout it as being able to drive through up to two feet of water.  You can adjust the height of the vehicle with the air ride system to make hitching to a trailer easier.  There are several screens for navigation and user enjoyment in the premium model.  The aesthetics of the interior and exterior are breathtaking.  It would be the perfect  vehicle for a large family.

Be sure to follow along with our stories during our trip, as we will keep you updated on all the fun.  We fly out on Thursday, Aug. 12 and start the festivities with the Alfa Romeo party by MotorTrend.  Friday will be full of exciting activities I can’t wait to share with you, and Saturday will be the Fireside Chat panel at the car show.  Sunday morning we have tickets to the most epic day of the car show, when they choose the winners and all the cars will be displayed.  And then it’s back to Duluth to continue to get ready for the MN State Fair.  We’ll do our best to share on instagram live and update our stories and feed.  Thank you for coming along with us for this amazing experience!