We are transforming a funeral home into an artist haven

Big Plans In The Works!

We have been hinting for some time that we have a lot of exciting news to share with you, and the time has finally come!  Nathanael and I took some time to think back on this journey in just the period of this last year.  A year ago, as we were facing the beginning of what has been such a long year with the world health crisis, we stepped out on a limb to explore what seemed to be the impossible.

As we sat in the truck with the dogs, facing our new Bailey Builds Collective, it was hard to believe that it was a year ago when we first laid our eyes on this building.  Even though it had been on the market for some time, we were unaware that it was nestled behind our store just a couple blocks back and over.  One day, Nathanael noticed the building, and was intrigued.  We were at a place with our business where we were already renting a second space, and knew we needed another place of our own.  We were at a pivotal point with our business goals, and we just knew that the right workspace was what would set us up for success as we pushed to create a workshop that could handle the needs of our growing production load.

Finding out that the building was once a funeral home made us pause, but just for a moment.  We were excited to see what potential we would find on the other side of those walls.  The visionaries in us knew that we could take something that had turned many others away, and turn it into something new and amazing.  After all, that has been an ongoing theme for us since the inception of Bailey Builds.  It has always been our angle to take and repurpose the old, and turn it into a work of art.  -Challenge accepted!

I can’t believe it’s been a year!  What a year it has been!  We now own this building, and a lot went into being able to make this happen, with a lot of bumps along the way.  -But here we are!  And now we are renovating it and getting it ready for community use, which has been a huge part of our vision that we are now preparing for.

The first thing about The Collective that drew us in was the amazing garage space, perfect for use as a woodshop.  Why not buy a funeral home for the garage?!  Once the keys were handed over, we immediately renovated the garage space to be used as a workshop, and have been building in there ever since!  However, there are 9000 more square feet to this building and we are so excited to finally spill the beans on what we are planning for the rest of the space, as well as the changes that will take place over at our other building on Grand Avenue.

Jumping back to the topic of our NEW Bailey Builds and Friends store, in our new Collective building, we have already been demo-ing and designing the layout for the bigger, better space to sell and support local and hand crafted art and goods. It’s a crazy mess right now, with construction debris and Albert and Oakley’s dog food cans strung across the room, but we can see the amazing features coming together!  There will be a wall dedicated to our new launches, a gift-wrapping station, and space to add more community artists.  Another cool feature will be a fireplace with a mantle, so you can test out our art pieces and see how they might display in your home before purchase.

Most of our artwork will be displayed in the new store, but some will still remain at our current location.  Like I said, we have big plans for The Gallery building as well!  With the store leaving, it opens up the opportunity to create one large space to accommodate a vast array of gatherings!  We’ve already held weddings, anniversary parties, adoption celebrations, and pop-up artists.  Soon this space will be able to accommodate even more!  We are expanding The Gallery significantly by building a staircase that leads to another story above it on the current flat-top roof!  We have always loved the potential up there, and creating an enclosed, four season space, with lots of windows and plants will be amazing.  With the current Airbnb Loft adjoining this space, you will have the opportunity to rent the entire building.

The only drawback to losing the Gallery space is the ability to support our community by hosting local pop-ups for artists.  However, we have a solution over at The Collective!  We will be creating some amazing spaces for outside the building.  We want to line our parking lot with cute little artisan huts, so that our local makers have a safe, clean, and warm space to showcase and sell their work on Saturdays at the Bailey Builds Collective.  

Not only will makers have the opportunity to sell their work, they can also rent a creative space in the collective to create their work!  We have sketched out our vision for an artisan community space in the upper floor of our new building.  There will be thirteen rentable spaces for artists to create their work, while being in community with other artists.  We will be adding windows and plants to create an inspiring atmosphere, so be sure to stay tuned for more information, if this is something you would be interested in.  We will be taking applications for these spaces in the near future.

We hope you follow along, because we can’t wait to share this journey with you!