What it means to win a Best of 2021 Minnesota State Fair Award

You guys!  We are blown away and so thankful for the great honor of being chosen as a Best of 2021 Minnesota State Fair Award recipient.  This is such a great confirmation that all of our hard work and effort paid off.  We have put countless hours into putting our mark on  the Great Minnesota Get Together experience, and we are thrilled at the amazing response from all of you!

We are risk takers.  We dream big!  We work hard.  We are “all in” kind of people.  These characteristics have always extended into our entrepreneurial spirit.  We are constantly pushing ourselves to problem solve and move beyond any obstacles that come our way. Our preparation for the Minnesota State Fair is a prime example of diving in and giving it our best.

We didn’t want our booth to be ordinary and fleeting.  We wanted it to be on brand, and represent the detail of craftsmanship and design that we strive for in our art work.  This is why we constructed a seemingly permanent residence to house the art that represents  the heart and soul of our business.

For many years, the fair has recognized its most outstanding vendors, and winning a Best of 2021 Minnesota State Fair Award is such an honor.  This accomplishment is a meaningful encouragement that we are meeting our personal goals as entrepreneurs and as a business.  In order to be selected as winners of this esteemed award, we needed to:

1. Provide exceptional, efficient customer service and an outstanding experience for fair guests

2. Provide knowledgeable staff with positive attitudes who are courteous, thoughtful and professional

3. Provide an amazing visual presentation and positive image

4. Present a premium quality product or service

5. Offer great value

These requirements are important and integral components that we strive for as a business outside of the state fair.  We couldn’t begin to accomplish this without the truly amazing team that has come together to embody the Bailey Builds identity and mission as a company who seeks to inspire community through the arts.  Our team’s passion really shines through as they interact with guests and represent Bailey Builds through their talents and investment into our business.

We will carry the memories of this amazing experience with us, as a fuel to keep creating and bringing our guests and customers the unique and personal experience we strive for, through great customer service and fine craftsmanship.  We are thankful for all of our new friends of Bailey Builds, and look forward to sharing our latest news and special offers.  If you haven’t joined our email list yet, make sure to do so!  Each week you’ll have a chance to put your name into a monthly drawing for a special giveaway, only available to our email subscribers.  We would love for you to post your new artwork displayed in your home at #friendsofbaileybuilds on instagram.  We love seeing our vision and hard work displayed beautifully in your space.

The fun is not over yet!  You can still join us at the Great Minnesota Get together through Labor Day, Monday September 6.  Don’t forget to take a picture with our Bailey Builds Art on Stick and get put into a drawing to win a copy of this piece of art.  Our Bailey Builds Minnesota State Fair Studio is located on the South side of Judson Avenue between Liggett and Clough streets, outside the Warner Coliseum.