Bailey Builds Wholesale


Bailey Builds Wholesale

We are excited to announce that a selection of Anna’s most popular pieces, 12″x12″  Mossy Loves, Mossy Triangles, and Bailey Builds Earrings, are now available for wholesale to select vendors.

Mossy Loves and Mossy Triangles have been a top seller for over three years. Made out of reclaimed and scrap wood (some wood pieces are 100+ years old), the Mossy Love features dried and preserved moss for a stunning pop of color and texture.

Our Bailey Builds earrings are one of a kind, with a nod toward the mosaic and bluff artistry that we have been creating over the years. Made of wood, each design is crafted here at our shop. They are lightweight and the perfect addition to every look!

Please email wholesale@baileybuilds.com to learn more.