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Selah Collection: Breath

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Approx. 19"x40" in the color Aria with gray washed frame.

The Hebrew word Selah is thought to represent a musical pause, or a change in rhythm or theme.  The concept of margins kept coming to me, as I created the deep matte that hems the intricate art of my new collection. Such as the seasons of nature and life, there is a rhythm and melody that flows and changes through the growth of a business.

My Selah Collection represents the invitation to invest in time for rest and contemplation; a space for creativity, and a time to take deep breaths, with permission to pause for healing. Like the margins on a page, it creates a beautiful order that frames what is most important.

Designed by Anna Bailey and handcrafted by the Bailey Builds team.

As each piece of wood is unique, the piece you receive could vary from the photos in color and texture, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.  All sales are final.